Aurélie Weinstein, Ph.D, MA, APC

Aurélie Weinstein, PhD, MA is a developmental psychologist, and child and parent therapist. Dr. Weinstein is passionate about helping children and parents work through challenging life circumstances and become more resilient after adversity. Dr. Weinstein is a published researcher in resilience in children and focuses on giving them tools so they can thrive. She provides evidence-based therapeutic treatments for children and adolescents with anxiety, phobias, trauma, depression, serious illnesses, grieving, ADHD, and social and behavioral issues. She seeks to inspire children to use positive coping strategies by modeling behaviors through relatable characters in her books. Her stories are based on her own personal experience from working with many children, making her stories more realistic and approachable. As a child development expert, she brings both fantasy and make-believe into her stories to match the child’s inner world and mind. In addition to working directly with her clients, Dr. Weinstein serves part time on the faculty of Kennesaw State University as an Assistant Professor in Psychology, training the next generation of Psychologists and Counselors. Dr. Weinstein lives in Marietta, GA with her husband and her two young daughters.